Writing about love

Love is a beautiful thing. It can be so beautiful, in fact, that it can cause us to do things that are all out miraculous or just plain ridiculous.

Writing about love

March 08, To: A great choice, as there are many ways you can approach this subject, from talking about falling in love at first sight to discussing what makes a good marriage to philosophically discussing what is love anyway.

Thesis Before you do anything else, because this is such a broad topic, you should figure out your thesis, or statement of purpose, which is the ultimate point you want to make in your essay.

Experimenting with topics

You writing about love write five different kinds of expository essays: Remember, expository essays are meant to be factual and neutral, rather than opinion-based, but you can use your thesis to put your opinion across.

Here are some sample thesis statements you could try. Love has been defined very differently in different times and cultures, so that what we think of as love now is not at all how it was considered years ago.

Falling in love at first sight is the subject of many songs, poems, and romance novels, but it is also a real phenomenon. I can show you how to get the date of your dreams, just by following these seven easy steps!

Once you have your thesis sorted out, you should start by making a short outline of the points you want to make. These will eventually form the body of your paper.

Introduction Now for your introduction. Start with a hook, something that captures the attention of your audience. At this same time, also make known what sort of audience you are expecting to read this.

Is it forlorn lovers, or your fellow students, or even the world at large? The last component of your introduction is your thesis. Go ahead and put it in, then move on to the body of your essay, which you will have already outlined. Body paragraphs The outline makes it easy.

You should have at least three points, which will become paragraphs, and they should all back up your thesis.

This really is the meat of expository essay writing. All your evidence should be contained in these paragraphs. Here are a couple of examples. In summary, love is multi-faceted and complicated no matter where or when you live, but the key to making it work, in any era or culture, is good communication.

Finding love is a challenge, and keeping it is an even bigger challenge. How will love seem to our descendants years from now? Surely this will be as different from us as we consider the courtly love of the past.

Thousands of philosophers over the years have tried and not one of them has really managed to completely sum it up. All I know is that it is necessary, beautiful, intangible, and priceless. · Instead, borrow his writerly moves to create your own playful essay into a love letter.

Again, your writing this letter is a performative act.

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writing about love

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