What drove the sugar

You might have heard it from your doctor.

What drove the sugar

There will never be another He is Walker Smith, who boxed under the ring name of Sugar Ray Robinson and lit up the Forties and Fifties with a dazzling array of skill, power, good looks and, when he had to, tremendous courage. Claude Abrams pays homage to him… the greatest fighter of all-time Sugar Ray Robinson: Robinson knew how to do just about everything — except, perhaps, hang up his gloves at the right time.

What drove the sugar

Like so many of the greats, Sugar Ray, our No. Indeed it would be grudging to allow the minor setbacks at the tail-end of an astonishing career to offset his fabulous achievements.

Anyone who saw Robinson fight will acknowledge he was the best, as will nearly all his opponents, with the possible exception of the sturdy Gene Fullmerwho beat him in two of four one draw meetings.

Robinson, world welterweight champion from until and five-time world middleweight king between and a recordpacked up for good on December 10,a month after his final contest. Sugar Ray thought he could.

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It was smart advice. Robinson, despite saying the training had become harder leading up to the Maxim fight, grew bored with dancing on the night-club circuit — apparently a brilliant dancer — and announced his return on October 20,boxing another 65 times over the next 11 years.

From the slicked-back hair — always neatly in place — to his primed physique, not overly muscular but defined and loose, Robinson, who was almost 6ft tall, majestic, handsome and charming, was as close to the consummate fighting machine as the world had seen.

He possessed sharp reflexes, amazing agility, a vicious punch in either hand, grace, accurate timing, clever footwork, the ability to take a blow and attack going in any direction. He had a unique stance: He moved on the balls of his feet, always balanced perfectly and poised to spring into action.

Robinson controlled opponents with his jab, could dart at his foes with amazing precision, sometimes doubling and trebling his slashing left hooks — often aimed to head and body in the same attack — and landing them like bolts of lightning.

Sugar Ray may have appeared open to hooks and the right over the top, but no one was able to take advantage. The closest he came to getting knocked out was by Artie Levine, who dropped him with a left hook for nine in the fifth before getting stopped in the 10th of their meeting.

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Rarely did he allow his foes much time to settle and he was always fit. The doctor who examined Robinson before he stopped Jean Walzack in six in Liege in said he was the fittest man he had ever met.

What drove the sugar

There can be no disputing he was the supremo. Muhammad Ali, the former world heavyweight king whom we rated No. Two years later he started boxing on a show in Kingston, New York.

What Drove Us to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day?

George Gainford, a big man of about 6ft and almost 15st who forged a partnership with Ray for his entire career, matched him with a kid of a similar build. Robinson was not registered, so Gainford reached into his pocket to produce an old card of a fighter named Ray Robinson. The legend was born.

Robinson turned professional at 20 October 4,having won all 89 amateur contests 63 inside the distance — including a decision over Willie Pep, our No.

His final and lasting retirement came after suffering his fifth defeat of Ten of his 18 points setbacks took place afterwhen his skills had eroded, his timing slower and his blows had lost some bite.He is Walker Smith, who boxed under the ring name of Sugar Ray Robinson and lit up the Forties and Fifties with a dazzling array of skill, power, good looks and, when he had to, tremendous courage.

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