Watergate on politics essay

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Watergate on politics essay

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Download this Term Paper in word format. In his speechPresident Nixon said of the Watergate break-in that he was "appalled He also claimed that he had not commanded the re-election campaign of the prior year from his office in the White House.

He ended his speech with an emotional plea to the American people for their prayers to help him in everything he did "throughout the days of my Presidency On May 18,the Senate Watergate hearings began, being nationally televised, with former solicitor general Archibald Cox as the Justice Department's special prosecutor for Watergate.

John Dean appeared, saying he had personally discussed the cover-up with the President 35 times.

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A memo to Ehrlichman was found that described in detail how to burglarize the Watergate offices of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist.

The former presidential appointments secretary, Alexander Butterfield, testified that since Nixon had recorded every conversation and telephone call that occurred in the Oval Office. Nixon promptly stopped recording and had the system disconnected in the White House.

He also refused to turn over the tape recordings mentioned to the Senate Watergate committee or the special prosecutor. On October 20 Nixon fired another round of White House employees, while another resigned. This was called the "Saturday Night Massacre. A month later he declared "I'm not a crook," and maintained his innocence.

Some tapes were reviewed and a long gap was found in one of them at a crucial time. By January of the sentiment of the general public had turned against Nixon and there were numerous calls for him to resign.

The Congress began to seriously consider impeaching Nixon.

Essay on Political Science. Research Paper on The Watergate Affair

The House of Representatives, in February, voted to authorize the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether there were grounds for impeachment, and on March 1 Nixon was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the indictment against the seven former presidential aides.

After subpoenaed White House tapes were delivered in the form of pages of edited transcripts, impeachment hearings began, in May, before the House Judiciary Committee. The Supreme Court ordered Nixon to make the actual tapes available in a case entitled United States v. Nixon claimed executive privilege and the Supreme Court overruled the claim.

The tapes were finally delivered and listened to. On July 27,the House Judiciary Committee passed the first of three articles of impeachment, charging obstruction of justice. Ford to assume the presidency.

Watergate on politics essay

Ford later pardoned Nixon of all charges related to the Watergate case. Ford may have been pardoned Nixon, but the public never did and never forgot how he had lied to everyone.

The repercussions of the scandal had far-reaching and long-lasting results. There were precedents set that succeeding presidents would have to adhere to. A cynicism about politics arose on a level that had not been seen before Nixon's time. The news media became extremely aggressive and confident.

As a result of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's methods, teams of "investigative" reporters were developed for every major newspaper around the world.

Watergate on politics essay

An informant nicknamed "Deep Throat" created a new household word. A whole new group of Democratic congressmen were elected in and drastic changes were made in the composition of committee chairmanships.

Nixon's subordinates were jailed, found religion and wrote books because of the scandal. Nixon tried to salvage his reputation by writing books and traveling the world as a diplomat.

He died on April 22, at the age of Hundreds of books, movies and TV shows were produced concerning Nixon and the scandal. The Nixon family condemned the movie "Nixon. The scandal rocked the nation and entertained the rest of the world. It was a story of a crooked politician that all could relate to.

It touched the lives of every American and demonstrated to the world that a nation could, under the American democratic political system, call the highest official in the land to account for his actions and then pay the price of his misdeeds without blood being spilled.

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The Watergate Scandal got its name from the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. This large office building was the home of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters, and the site of the break-in that began .

Watergate and Politics essaysA defining moment in American history, the Watergate scandal, dramatically transformed the way Americans view politicians and government.

In the eyes of most Americans, trust, honor and integrity, vanished from the political landscape. For almost years the . The Watergate Scandal was a significant part of presidential history.

This even would result in Nixon's resignation and what would have been his guaranteed impeachment. The Watergate Scandal took an impact on politics as a whole.

Essay: The Watergate Scandal The Watergate Scandal was a series of crimes committed by the President and his staff, who were found to spied on and harassed political opponents, accepted illegal campaign contributions, and covered up their own misdeeds.

Watergate Scandal The Break In June 17, there was a break in reported. The break in was at the Watergate office complex. There were 6 key players in this story.

The first was G. Gordon Liddy; he was engineered and executed the Watergate break in. Many say that it was a rogue operation.

What was the watergate scandal essay paper