Umuc haircuts case study stage 1

UMUC Haircuts started as a barbershop with one chair. Over the years, Myra has expanded her business to include hair styling for both men and women. Her business has grown to three barber chairs, three hair styling stations, and a shampoo station.

Umuc haircuts case study stage 1

Create a document that includes: Brief introduction providing the background of the case, why you are writing and what is to come in your paper.

This should only be sentences. For each of the five forces, your analysis should include: Strategy for Competitive Advantage: Do not provide a specific solution at this time. At the end of your report, before the reference section, enter the following headings and complete the information using one concise phrase for each.

You will be starting each subsequent stage by including this information as a method to keep us focused on the case study objectives and learning outcomes. Provide at least one external resource in your paper on an area of your choice.

An external resource is a resourceother than those provided in the class or text book. Incorporate a properly formatted APA citation in the text of your document.

Then, place an APA style resource on a reference page at the end of your document. Stage One Business Environment Analysis submission.


For academic writing, the writer is expected to write in the third person. In third person, the writer avoids the pronouns I, we, my, and ours. This method is very helpful for academic writing, a form in which facts, not opinion, drive the tone of the text.

Writing in the third person allows the writer to come across as unbiased and thus more informed. In determining which process you select for improvement, be sure to keep in mind the remaining projects within this Case Study.

You should review Stages to get an understanding of the future projects that build on this initial stage and to aid you in selecting a process and later proposing a specific technology solution to improve that process that can support the requirements of the follow-on assignments.

Looking ahead to Stage 2: You will elaborate on theone process for improvement identified in Stage 1. Your paper will identify a specific technology solution to improve the business process you will be focusing on for the case study. You will also create a second model that demonstrates the steps in the process once the specific technology solution is applied TO BE.

Select a process to improve that is appropriate for a technology solution. Do not start on Stage 2 until you receive feedback on this Stage. The process that you select is crucial and your instructor may recommend that you change your process or strategy so that you can successfully complete the case.

The specific process you select for a technology solution is not as important as that it makes sense in light of the course content.IFSM UMUC Haircuts Case Study STAGE assignment IFSM UMUC Haircuts Case Study STAGE assignment.

Before you begin this assignment, be sure you: 1. Have completed all previously assigned readings, particularly those assigned in Weeks 3 and 4 of the class. 2. Re-read the “UMUC Haircuts Case Study” and the Stage 1, 2 & 3 assignments, and review the“Walmart Example.” 3.

Review Instructor feedback from previous assignment submissions. Before you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the “UMUC Haircuts Case Study” and be sure to take a look at the “Walmart Example.” Purpose of this Assignment This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the concepts of the Porter Five Forces model to a specific business.

Overview of IT Solution and Next Steps for UMUC Haircuts For your Case Study Stage 1 assignment, you performed a Five Forces Analysis and justified Myra's chosen generic strategy for competitive advantage and the business process that she would like to improve through the application of technology.

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UMUC IFSM HAIRCUT CASE STUDY STAGE 1 | August 1, Overview of Business Environment Analysis for UMUC” alt=”Text box: purpose of this assignment this assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the concepts of the porter five forces model to a specific business, develop a strategic direction for umuc .

Case Study, Stage 1: Business Environment AnalysisOverview of Business Environment Analysis for UMUC Haircuts UMUC Haircuts has been in business since and has seen an increase in competition from a variety of competitors, as described in the Case Study. With the news that a Hair Cuttery is likely to open only five miles away, Myra, the.

Umuc haircuts case study stage 1
IFSM Stage 1 UMUC Haircuts Case Study