The three categories of a college professor

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The three categories of a college professor

Share Shares College professors are some of the most revered members of polite society. Most are well-educated, respectful intellectuals who are occasionally guilty of thinking that advanced degrees make them better than the average Joe or capable of talking like an expert on almost anything.

Almost every inch of the town is reportedly haunted. In fallno ghosts were necessary.

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Professor Gene Isaac Stees was plenty evil enough for Athens. Stees, 31, was an assistant professor at Ohio University and a married man with two children. However, his marriage to his year-old wife, Helen, was anything but blissful. The two fought constantly because Professor Stees was having an extramarital affair.

Things came to a head on October 20,when Helen, who was then living with her parents in Ashland, Ohio, agreed to meet Stees in Athens.

During a supposed attempt at reconciliation, Stees hit his wife over the head with a crowbar and then pulled a plastic bag over her head to cut off her breathing. Once Helen was dead, Stees put her corpse in a metal drum and dropped it in the middle of Dow Lake.

After investigators discovered blood in his car, the professor-turned-murderer confessed to the killing. He had two motives: He wanted to marry his mistress, and he was upset that his wife was pregnant again. In Februarya jury convicted Stees of murder but recommended mercythus bypassing the death penalty in favor of life imprisonment.

Some jurors may regret that decision because Stees escaped from the Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus on February 21, The University of Georgia Since Athens was the seat of learning in ancient Greece, the name has become a byword for learning and knowledge.

Athens, Georgia—which the University of Georgia UGA has called home since —is no different, although the town is actually more known for its independent rock scene than anything else. Insomething other than great music made Athens well-known.

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On April 25, outside a theater in downtown Athens, year-old George Zinkhan, a professor of marketing at UGA and a published poet, shot and killed three people.

Others have pointed out that Zinkhan may have felt persecuted or suffered from an inflated ego and sense of pride that led him to commit the murders. Regardless, Zinkhan decided to commit suicide rather than run or face charges for premeditated murder. After finding his red Jeep Liberty in Clarke County, officers with cadaver dogs discovered that Zinkhan had dug his own grave and gone to great lengths to conceal his body before finally shooting himself in the head.

French A professor of his native German language at Harvard, Eric Muenter was also fascinated by insanity and criminality. He collected news clippings and articles about criminology obsessively. He was also known as a tireless, sometimes overzealous worker.

Not long after getting a teaching position at Harvard, Muenter and his wife, Leone, celebrated the birth of their second child.Academic ranks in the United States are the titles, relative Adjunct Professor, Clinical Professor, Professor of Practice, Research Professor.

The first three apply to people who have outside activities such as medical practice, professional engineer, lawyer and do not work full-time in a research capacity. Excepting special ranks (such. After last week’s early snow storm, a faithful reader and senior faculty member wrote: On the way to work today, I saw a group of students throwing snowballs at each other in front of Paresky.

The three categories of a college professor

Rating and reviews for Professor Heidi Zenie from Three Rivers Community College Norwich, CT United States. From kindergarten teacher to college professor: A comparison chart of salaries, work load, and professional preparation requirements.

Published proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on Education.

The three categories of a college professor

Classification of Ranks and Titles. Each School or College should have clear statements of the expectations for faculty of each rank and type of title.

Unless otherwise stated, the titles and associated criteria described below apply to the faculty of both the Charles River and Medical Campuses. Professor: Generally, a professor meets. The 12 Types Of Professors You'll Have In College.

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