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Political editoral

The Israel-Arab peace effort is suddenly awake again.

Political editoral

Whether this movement will redeem the Trump administration's promise "of a peace of the century" is another matter.

But we'll soon see.

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Every legitimate voter — from new immigrant to descendant of the Mayflower voyager — is endowed with exactly the same electoral value, one vote and each voter entitled to cast it only once. Citizens one and all, they settle their differences on Election Day.

Political editoral so they think. Then cries and shrieks split the morning-after calm, pleading that the Political editoral is unfinished, incorrect, illegitimate. Until now the focus of reformers has been on preventing fraud at the polls by requiring voter identification and tightening registration rules.

But that's only half the battle. The great wall of Chinese trade just cracked. While voters were busy recalibrating the balance of power in President Trump's Washington, China pledged to make its markets more accessible to international business. Promises made are not always promises kept, but this may signal that the president's hard-nosed method of dealing with the most stubborn of global competitors is paying off.

If daylight seeps through China's formidable trade barriers, it would be good news for Americans and, ultimately, the global economy. The election results, The New York Times said with more than a little understatement, "it wasn't necessarily the night of either party's dreams.

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If not us, who? Who else to keep at bay the United Nations, even more incompetent than Mr. Football, alas, has replaced baseball as the national pastime. No longer satisfied to put on their favorite team jersey, some parents stoke their competitive fires by dyeing their toddler's hair to match the team colors.

But pigskin fanaticism is not politics, and Election Day isn't game day. Flush with acute political angst — some call it a prelude to a second civil war — voters face off Tuesday across the nation.

More than bragging rights are at stake — the outcomes will determine decide the nation's future. If only for the next two years. The prize for dressing up as the unlikeliest of all goes this year to Kamala Harris, the junior senator from California.

With an eye onand having discovered that millions of Americans are having difficulty paying their taxes and maintaining a comfortable standard of living, she pretends to be Donald Trump the tax-cutter.

Hundreds of the kith and ken of the dozens of men and even some women who died at the hand of James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger would agree.

Whitey, the notorious Boston mobster, was killed in prison this week at the age of It was a fitting and violent end to an extraordinarily violent life. Some master the core of that authentic religious teaching eagerly, some accept it in stages over a lifetime of experience and, a few, like the man of pure evil at the Pittsburgh synagogue, never get it at all.

Equally simple by logic: Everyone who votes should be eligible to vote, and before receiving a ballot should be able to prove it.

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Voting-rights activists find dark motives in the elementary desire for clean elections, and are eager to cry voter suppression. With the approach of crucial midterms, Americans have every right to make sure their votes still matter when relaxed rules make eligibility irrelevant.Daily political cartoons by members of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC).

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