Kalpana saroj business plan

Early life[ edit ] Saroj was born in in Roperkheda village in MaharashtraIndiato a Marathi Buddhist family, the eldest of three daughters and two brothers. Although they were belong to Pasi Dalit community, Saroj's father served as a police constable at Repatkhed village in Akola.

Kalpana saroj business plan

Around the globe in seven months: A girl child is, after all, only a burden on her parents, he had said. Little did he anticipate that four decades later, the same little pocket of poison will emerge as one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the country.

At 56 years, Kalpana is now the chairperson of a company with an annual turnover of Rs Advertising To the doyens of the corporate world, the turnover figure may seem miniscule but the glass ceilings that Kalpana had broken to reach here is a story worth repeating again and again. Kalpana is modest about her success.

Advertising A Harvard Business School study conducted in on caste and entrepreneurship in India found that only 9. According to Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, 96 per cent of these are small enterprises.

Dalit women entrepreneurs are still rare to find.

kalpana saroj business plan

Kalpana, initially, tried applying for various jobs — in nursing, in the police force and even in the military. However, passing Class X was a prerequisite for all the positions she had applied.

The mental torture Kalpana was put through at her in-laws eventually saw her drop out of school. And then, one sultry afternoon, she downed poison.Kalpana Saroj’s humble and tough early life wouldn’t have indicated a future so bright.

From being a daughter from an underprivileged background and a child wife armed with just basic education, she went on to become a successful entrepreneur and a devoted social worker.

Kalpana started working for a garment factory but she wanted more. Using loans given by the Indian government to the untouchables, she was able to start a successful tailoring business.

This is when Kalpana first got inclined towards entrepreneurship. Her advent in . The manufacturing tycoon one admirer called her "a real slumdog millionaire" is among a legion of dalits embracing new opportunities in business.

These days. but Kalpana Saroj has worked her way up from poverty. politics.

kalpana saroj business plan

a dalit. Saroj. Kalpana Saroj is called something else: a millionaire.

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" the offspring of donkeys. or "untouchable. Kalpana Saroj was born in a poor family of untouchables as they were called in India. The family lived in a small village of Maharashtra where no body had heard about electricity at that time.

Villagers used cow-dung cakes as fuel to cook their foods. Kalpana Saroj is a female Indian entrepreneur born in Roperkheda village in Maharashtra, India. She is the Chairperson of Kamani Tubes in Mumbai, India. Described as the original " Slumdog Millionaire ", she bought the distressed assets of Kamani Tubes Company and .

Kalpana Saroj, a Dalit girl who started out as a helper in a garment factory, today lives in a 5, sq ft house in Kalyan.

But if you thought she is breathing easy at 60, you are wrong. She is now going to invest in a hotel business in Rajasthan.

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