Hypnotherapy and smoking cessation essay

Tweet Although most people are alert to the lethal effects smoking cigarettes could cause, still, they think it is hard to stop this bad habit. Hypnotherapy has been utilized for dealing with various medical issues and mental problems for years and years. However, this powerful strategy has becomeanumber one choice for people who smoke and within the last couple of years. Hypnotherapy for smoking cigarettes cessation today is quite a popular way.

Hypnotherapy and smoking cessation essay

Your client should have come up with a list of distractors to use. Also the idea that nicotine is not addicting should have been covered in the pre-hypnosis interview.

Congratulations, you have made a very important decision. You have decided to become a non-smoker. There is part of you that has always wanted to do this. That is what makes today insert datevery special.

You have decided to listen to your body, and your body wants you to quit smoking. Your body has always hated it.

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Smoking has hurt you, because it has been hurting your body. You are now doing something very good for yourself. Nicotine is not addicting, if it were the masses would become addicted to the nicotine patch or the nicotine gum. If nicotine was addicting, someone would have come to me and want hypnosis to quit the gum or the patch.

This has never happened and it probably never will. So, why do people keep smoking. But what is a habit. A habit is when you automatically think about doing something. A habit is just simply responding to a thought. Well you don't have to do that any more.

You are free from smoking. You now know that the smoking habit is just a thought. Your thoughts have no power over you. You have thought about doing thousands of things and then simply decided not to them. You might have thought about buying something and then decided that the money would be better spent on something else.

This is also true of cigarettes. Your money is always better spent on something else. In fact there is always something better to do than smoke. The nicotine in cigarettes is not addicting but it is a poison.

Even a thimble full would be enough to kill a horse. Fortunately, there is only a small amount of poison in each cigarette. But it is there and it tends to build up until your body becomes affected by it and you become sick. Sometimes it is a major illness like cancer, heart disease or emphysema.

You have decided to not let this happen to you. Other times it is something like a cough or bronchitis. You have decided to not let that happen to you any more either. You have decided to become a non-smoker, to let go of all the worries and sickness associated with cigarettes.

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You are becoming free, so all of the urges are just fading away to nothing. You are now in control.

Hypnotherapy and smoking cessation essay

You are not going to allow yourself to be made sick or inconvenienced by a habit. But how did that thought get there? You weren't just walking around some day and the idea popped into your head from nowhere? You got the idea from somewhere.

You probably saw someone else smoking, and because they did it, somehow you thought it might be a good idea to do it. But where did they get the idea?The Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course gives students all the tools they need to help their clients to give up smoking, by employing powerful hypnotherapy techniques.

Quitting smoking, as with quitting any addiction, is not easy. WebMD discusses hypnosis for smoking cessation including benefits, risks, and how it works. Hypnotherapy is widely recognised, as a method for aiding smoking cessation, however, conflicting evidence exists regarding its efficacy.

In meta analysis hypnosis proved 3 times more effective than nicotine replacement methods, and 15 times more effective than stopping without help (Schmidt and.

Dr. Dean’s Stop Smoking Program consists of two clinical hypnotherapy sessions including: Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy (to kick your nicotine habit) We use professional tobacco smoking cessation hypnotherapy narrated on MP3 downloads or CDs. Trust me, it will fascinate you and yes they work exceptionally well.

Over ONE MILLION, nine. When you apply hypnotherapy to quitting smoking, you introduce suggestions that smoking is bad, that it is not something you want to do and that any association with smoking is to be avoided.

The goal is to assign negative thoughts to the notion of smoking and everything related to it. Charlton Wilson is an expert at using hypnotherapy for grief counseling, addiction-recovery assistance, smoking cessation, and the treatment of compulsive behavior.

Charlton uses change-psychotherapy to treat depression, stress, anxiety, and phobias.

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