Etude de cas promethee

Analysis of the organization 1 Organization of the work. Culture interaction in Promethee 1 Culture impacts business. Tell us what you need to have done now!

Etude de cas promethee

La mise en oeuvre d'un balanced scorecard. Le responsable de la BU, M. Celui-ci impute la majeure partie des charges indirectes sur la base des heures de main-d'oeuvre. Le cas comporte trois parties. Harvard Business School, A large urban medical center implements the Balanced Scorecard management tool.

Elaine Brennan, senior VP of operations, has reorganized a highly functional health care organization into decentralized patient care centers and support units. Having recently endured the pain of a major downsizing, she wants the various constituents--senior managers, physicians, nurses, technicians, and the work force--to explore implementing a new strategy focused on growth and patient care.

But the existing measurement and management system reports only on costs and financial results. She introduces the Balanced Scorecard as a mechanism to increase attention to and accountability for quality, service, work environment, and employee outcomes, as well as revenues and costs.

The first step is the presentation of the financial plan taking into account objectives of profitability and cash. Then the project has to be validated with different hypotheses of sales growth and with hypotheses of changes in the economic context in order to optimise the plan.

The students should be able at the end of this simulation to establish the long and mid- term financial needs of a company and to propose resources in accordance with its situation.

La culture d'entreprise permet-elle de surmonter les différences interculturelles ? |

Its estimated time of use is 6 to 9 hours. The case study has 3 parts. In the first part, students have to elaborate a 'tableau de bord' or balanced scorecard for agency managers. The objective is to provide each agency director with a whole set of indicators that will enable him to pilot the business.

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The company is presented and several extracts of interviews conducted with a number of agency managers are provided. In order to create the balanced scorecard, students have to clarify an agency manager's objectives, to identify his key action variables and to choose the most relevant set of indicators.

In the second part of the case study, students are asked to create a balanced scorecard for the agency's technical director and for the agency's head of sales. Here again, extracts of interviews are provided. In the third part, a strategic analysis is presented: Starting from this analysis, participants are asked to create the balanced scorecard for the Head of Purchasing.

They also have to examine how this balanced scorecard compares with the CEO's. This case study should allow students to: Understand how balanced scorecards can be used to deploy a company's strategy.

Etude de cas promethee

Elle permet aux participants de mieux comprendre: Describes how Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland A's baseball team, employs statistical methodologies to select who is undervalued in the marketplace.

Examines why few teams have imitated his organization's successful strategy. Explores threats to Oakland's competitive advantage. OAP was a customer that Markus Schneider had handed over a few months before to an Spanish colleague.

He had lost a lot of sleep over that contract all through his 18 months as Programme Manager. Years of consulting at Ernst and Young and at Cap Gemini Ernst and Young had not completely prepared him for the great complexity of this assignment; yet he considered that it was thanks to his experience that this "2nd Go live" was only a few days late.

The contract was about implementing an ERP and leading change, both of which he was used to manage.Cette étude de cas s'accompagne d'un support de debriefing de 14 slides pour animer la restitution du cas, ainsi que d'un support de cours de 20 slides abordant les fondements théoriques du low-cost et de l'extension de marque verticale pour mettre en perspective le cas.

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Etude de la valorisation de l'Hélium extrait du gaz naturel dans le monde, perspective de production et de commercialisation de l'Algérie vers la CEE. Mémoire de DEA en . PROMETHEE: Case study of a multicultural enterprise Etude de cas promethée, entreprise de services financiers fils cadet de Japet et de Thémis[] et frère d'Atlas, Ménétios et Épiméthée.

Il est aussi le père de Deucalion, conçu avec Pronoia (ou Clymène). Il est surtout connu pour avoir crée les hommes à partir d'argile et d'eau. In this case “Promethee” is a firm which is one of the main worldwide providers of news, financial information and technological solutions.

This company has today offices in countries, with people who work in 19 different languages.

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