Easy sewing project

Working with zippers can be intimidating. Conquer your fear with this really easy DIY sewing project! You can get the full tutorial and pattern from Skip to my Lou.

Easy sewing project

Older kids can create this project independently. Younger kids may need a little help getting started with the blanket stitch.

Things You'll Need inch square of fleece fabric One skein of embroidery floss in your choice of color Embroidery needle Scissors What to Do Fold the fleece square in half. Starting at the bottom folded corner, use pins to hold the two layers together.

Continue pinning up the side. Stop when you get about half-way up the open side. Thread your needle with a piece of embroidery floss that's about two feet long. Tie a knot in the end. Starting at the bottom corner, bring the needle through both layers of fabric about a quarter inch from the edge.

Easy tote bag tutorial

Let the thread loop over the edge and bring the needle back through the same spot again. You're ready to start your blanket stitch. Bring your needle through the loop you just made over the edge, and then push it down through the fabric about a quarter inch away from your first stitch.

Leave the thread loose enough that you can slip the needle under it again. Repeat this process to make a blanket stitch. Keep making blanket stitches until you reach the spot where you stopped pinning, about half-way up the open side of the sleeping bag.

Tie off your thread and cut it.

Easy sewing project

Rethread your needle and make more blanket stitches. This time, you'll only be sewing through a single layer, leaving the sleeping bag open.

Keep sewing around the top of the sleeping bag and down the side until you reach the place you started. Tie off the thread and cut it. Slip your favorite stuffed friend in the sleeping bag for a great night's sleep! Snazzy Pet Collar Cover You can give your favorite pet a new look with this easy collar cover.

You'll need to measure your pet's collar before you start, so younger kids might need a little help from a grown up. You can make this project with a sewing machine or by hand; it's up to you. Things You'll Need Scrap of medium- or heavy-weight cotton fabric Tape measure Sewing machine or hand sewing needle Thread to match fabric Pins What to Do First, measure the length of your pet's collar.

Place the end of your tape measure next to the buckle and measure the length of the collar to the other side of the buckle.

You won't be covering the buckle, so don't include it in your measurements. Add one inch to this length. Measure around the buckle of the collar at its widest part.

Add one inch to the width. Cut your fabric scrap in a rectangle that is the length and width you found. Place the rectangle right side down on your table.

Fold one of the short edges over two times, making the fold about a quarter inch wide. Use pins to hold it. Sew the edge using your sewing machine or by hand.

Repeat step four with the other short edge. Now turn the fabric over so the right side is up.

Easy DIY Sewing Projects You Can Make in a Few Minutes

Fold it in half lengthwise, matching up the two long sides.If yes, we have brought together some great little sewing projects for kids.

Sewing projects that they SHOULD be able to do. Sewing projects that they SHOULD be able to do. The majority of these sewing projects, my kids have **actually** made themselves between the ages of 3yrs and 8yrs old. What's the Project? So you've got a sewing machine and you want some quick and easy sewing projects?

Here are 25 things that are so easy to sew that you can get them done in about 10 minutes! Something great for everyone. Do you ever want to just sit down and sew something super quick and super easy?

Something you can sit down and start and finish in one quick sitting?

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Sewing can be so creative and we have free sewing patterns and ideas for all ages including purse and bag patterns, home decor projects, kids sewing patterns and lots of fun novelty patterns too. Easy . Find easy sewing projects, creative sewing ideas, and how-to sewing tips and techniques for your next sewing project.

10 Different Patterns for Sewing Bags July 9, By Editor & filed under Blog, Projects, Tips & Ideas. Even if you are a beginner at stitching, these super cool and easy sewing projects are going to make it a piece of cake to create fabric wonders.

If you're looking for a new sewing project to tackle this summer, I've compiled a list of more than 60 Easy Summer Sewing Projects for you.

Easy sewing project

I hope you'll find something fun to sew on this list! Easy Summer Sewing Projects: Every summer I start with a giant list of things that I.

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