Concept of short term and long term goals of islamic management

Long Term and Short Term Goals One of the key ingredients for successfully managing your time is identifying your goals. Goals are what will keep you motivated and focused — both essential to being productive.

Concept of short term and long term goals of islamic management

I recommend that as the year starting, we get our acts together and indulge in short and long-term goal planning. The Messenger of Allah began with short-term goals of bringing members of his kin to the fold of Islam, and then people in the vicinity.

Long-term goals extended to writing letters to kings and rulers of foreign lands. Warfare was added to the long-term agenda when threats emerged from enemies that sought to eliminate the believers.

Towards a Holistic Vision

Apart from Islamic goals, we also find goals to improve social and personal life apparent in the life of Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wasallam. His time was divided equally between his wives and his children. We observe him as being a tradesman and a shepherd who set goals of trade and making profit to earn a living.

He had goals of social achievement as an Imam, a teacher, and a judge. Take some time out to reflect on your life; note your Strengths and Weaknesses, and the Threats and Opportunities that await you. It is called a SWOT Analysis in business terms, and you can utilize this method to take control of your life.

Think about what you envision for yourself, i.

Concept of short term and long term goals of islamic management

For example, my vision statement is: Support this long-term view of the future with a strong mission statement. A mission is your plan of achieving the vision.

Categories of Goals Once you are set with the two main ideologies, you are ready to devise short and long term goals to accomplish them.

Concept of short term and long term goals of islamic management

It is wise to categorize goals for better control over various areas of life. The most widely acclaimed categories are Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Social.

Other categories can be added to customize categorization according to your needs. The categories can include a wide range of goals. A few examples are: Physical Goals for health and fitness: Spiritual Goals for religious development: Intellectual Goals for academic, professional, and artistic development: Social Goals for family, friends, and community: Other categories that you can create to cover pursuits of your life are: Recreational Goals for escape and entertainment:Jun 26,  · The Relation Between Short-Term and Long-Term Planning If a company has a three- to five-year plan, this longer term plan should have sequences of shorter term plans within it.

Introduction to Islamic Investing For professional clients only. 1 (unlawful). This concept covers particular types of uncertainty or contingency in contracts such as short selling, futures, of the term, and has a long history of use in Islamic commercial law.

By extension, the term. in Finance and Management for Further Education of Entrepreneurs and Specialists in Latvia, Accounting for long-term investments IFRS 17 'LEASES’ Definitions Classification of lease transactions Measurement of short-term investments Measurement of long-term investments Investments in subsidiaries (IAS 27) and in.

A "short-term" commitment can be longer than a "long-term" commitment to other people or even to the same people in other circumstances.

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Patterns of Conflict Conflict develops and grows in a certain way. Many long term goals will have short term goals that lead to them. Not only does this make practical sense (ie: getting accepted to University is a shorter term goal than becoming a partner in a law firm) but it also helps you from becoming overwhelmed or loosing sight of your goals.

To balance short-term and long-term goals, the BSC requires that organiza- tions develop lead and laggard measures that provide a causal link between short-term and long-term objectives.

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