Clock and heart by judith wright

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Clock and heart by judith wright

K Even more answers — in this topic listing — A — Accommodations: I have two students that need accommodations for ADHD. My district refuses to put them on a plan until the parents bring in a written doctor diagnosis. I have been very firm with the Special Ed Director in insisting that it is our job to determine their disability.

Meanwhile the year is ticking away and these kids will leave me and be out of my reach. My district would very much like to fire me.

Am I right or are they right? Mari, I want to applaud you for being such a strong advocate for students.

I know of many students with ADHD who are not on medication with documentation from their doctors.

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What can you do for these kids? I would encourage you to educate the parents on how to navigate the school system and refer the parents to state resources to help them. Many parents that I work with have had great success this way.

It does not involve money but it does involve an investment of time by a parent or guardian. Once a parent is empowered with information, they can better advocate for their child. Sometimes, parents are the change agents in this type of scenario.

I admire your persistence— Jennifer: There surely are some resources that can help these parents obtain the services they need.

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Teachers can certainly recognize the symptoms, but they cannot diagnose. Willingness or unwillingness to medicate should not stop the diagnosis from happening. Maybe they need a different doctor. His school does not want him to have a because he he gets good grades even though they have made unofficial accommodations; whereas we and his health providers believe we should make those accommodations official such as reduced workload when overwhelmed and flexible scheduling.

It sounds like they are going to refuse us, what are our options? Good grades are NO reason to deny aespecially when accommodations are already being offered.

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If they refuse, you can request a special education evaluation under IDEA andwhich will take them more time and effort than simply giving you a At my sons 3 year reevaluation the fairly prestigious school he attends advised that his paper pencil accommodation listed on his IEP since 3rd grade for state testing was no longer valid now that he is in middle school.

His documented disability is aspergers syndrome and he has a documented delay in processing. My child has been very very successful when given accommodations of both ET and Paper Pencil based tests.

Can anyone tell me if I have any recourse for this action? I am an educator and accommodate students daily, did I miss something? Emily, are they saying that the accommodation is not valid for state testing, instruction or both?

They should have a district policy or state rule to show you what supports their statement. You can request a Prior Written Notice from them explaining why they cannot, or will not do this. You could make a complaint to the state education agency or request mediation. They should be able to help you.

One potential reason I can think of is the use of that accommodation on statewide standardized testing.

Clock and heart by judith wright

For a student to receive a particular accommodation on statewide testing, he should routinely be using that same accommodation during in-class testing. For this reason, many IEP Teams will not include a testing accommodation anywhere on the IEP if it is not allowed during statewide testing.

Whatever the reason, the Team should discuss whether a new testing accommodation is needed the testing manual can be helpful for this. You can ask that any new accommodation be tested out for a certain period of time.

Clock and heart by judith wright

Then the Team can meet again when this time period is up, to determine if the accommodation is working or if a new one should be tried. If you feel strongly about the use of the accommodation, disagree with any new one that is selected, or disagree if the Team selects no new one, you do have access to dispute resolution options.

You could ask for mediation, or could request a due process hearing. My daughter is currently under the plan for OHI however we are needing a bit more help other than the current accommodations. She has qualified because of some seizures.

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