Clinical psychology term papers

Clinical Psychology The word psychology can translate to mean the science of the soul.

Clinical psychology term papers

This case study is drawn from an actual event and as such all details are a matter of public record. For the purpose of this assessment task, all names of people involved have been de identified or an alias has been used. Please be aware that this case study provides the details of a person who is now deceased and as such may cause distress.

Case study John aged 44 presented to the Emergency Department at a large metropolitan hospital on the early hours of Wednesday morning at hrs. By hrs John had the first of 3 cardiac arrests. At hrs John was pronounced dead.

Background John was a fit Clinical psychology term papers healthy man of Indigenous descent. A father and grandfather from a large family. He was well respected in his community. He had full time employment as a shift worker. John presented to a large metropolitan hospital at hrs on the 2nd February Three days prior to the presentation at the ED department John had been involved in a physical altercation in which he sustained fractured ribs, a broken nose and a swollen and bruised eye from being kicked and punched in the abdomen, head, chest and groin by assailants.

He did not seek medical assistance at that time. On presentation at the ED he was triaged as a Category 2 at hrs by nursing and medical staff. Both of these documents were compiled separately on loose paper until the nurse placed them together some time later as is the common practice.

Clinical psychology term papers

A CT scan was ordered which identified fractured ribs 5 th and 9tha fractured nose and a small pneumothorax in the left lung. On admission at hrs the nursing notes identified that John had increasing shortness of breath, a respiratory rate of 30 breaths per minute, temp The nurses noted that John felt cold.

No further observations were recorded until hrs. Oxygen was provided via a non-rebreather NRB facemask, there was no notation as to what the oxygen flow rate was.

During the course of events this was changed to oxygen being delivered by nasal prongs at a high flow rate, there was no notation of when this occurred. Elevated lactate was The blood gas results were available at hrs. The doctor reviewed the results at hrs and states that he did not notice the low level white cell count WCC of 0.

This was recorded on the fluid balance chart, the nurses noted that the patient had not yet voided. At hrs Endone 5mg orally was given to John for the pain in his leg.

At hrs nursing night shift gave handover to the morning shift. A further 1g of Panadol PO and Fentanyl IV 50 mcg were given at for pain management by the nurse on the morning shift.Psychology term papers (paper ) on Clinical Psychology: Career In Clinical Psychology A clinical psychologist is a psychologist with a more extensive background in psychology and puts more emphasis on ex.

Term paper Home, Why Use Us, Services, Work Samples, Client Testimonials, Beware of Fakes. Research in clinical psychology helps in developing evaluation devices and techniques of greater reliability and validity. Organization's evaluation, its development and delivery of various clinical services can be attributed to the efforts of research in this field.

There are many different fields of psychology to study. Clinical psychologists work with people with emotional and mental problems (Career Discovery, ). A clinical psychologist basically prevents, evaluates, and treats mental and emotional disorders in individuals. Running head: EXAMINATION OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Examination of Clinical Psychology University of Phoenix PST/ Karen Wilson Nov 14, Examination of Clinical Psychology Clinical psychology is a very important as well as popular part of the field of psychology that is used very often.

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Clinical psychology is one of the most popular subfields within psychology. With such a large topic to cover, figuring out a specific subject for a research paper, presentation, or experiment can be tricky.

Psychology as Science – Psychology as Science term papers analyze the value of psychology through the lens of scientific criteria. Psychology of Blackness – Psychology of Blackness, also referred to as Black psychology, is a psychological perspective that tries .

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