Causes and effects of music downloading

Why is it illegal? When a movie or song is produced and marketed, everyone involved in the process has monetary gains from the sale of that product. Therefore, that product is protected by copyright law so that it cannot be copied, reproduced or resold without their permission.

Causes and effects of music downloading

Causes and Effects 5 avg. What are the causes of music piracy?

Causes and effects of music downloading

Some facts about music industry 4. What are the effects of music piracy?

How The Internet Changed Music

Piracy is unauthorized task of creating duplication of an original recording without the approval of the rights owner. The packaging of pirate copies is different from the original.

Pirate copies are compilation, of the "greatest hits" of a specific artist, or a collection of a specific genre, such as dance tracks. But the shared files could easily affect the computers due to the virus effects.

Effects of Music: Free Cause and Effect Essay Samples and Examples

And file sharing also results in copyright infringement. Illegal downloading of music may result in artist not being paid for his work. Many people download music and software from websites without the permission of copyright holders.

Many songs and games on the Internet are free and legal to download, and you can make sure that you download only from those sites where the copyright owners have given their permission for their work to be copied freely.

The problem of piracy was more widespread with advanced technology, new techniques of printing, recording and fixation of broadcast or recorded programmes. Piracy is an illegal and criminal activity and the person who is doing piracy is strictly punishable. Low level of public awareness: The public often does not realize that purchasing pirated products may cause the spread of unlawful practices.

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High consumer demand for cultural products: The increasing demand for music, films, books and software is very high in the society, which may encourage the people to develop an illegal market to provide the needs of consumers.

The society often views piracy as an access to cheaper, just-as-good versions of works, ignoring the effects that piracy has on creativity, creative industries and related sectors. Inefficient intellectual property protection and weak enforcement of rights: Poorly drafted or incomplete laws, and weak enforcement thereof, directly contribute to the increase of piracy.

High cost of cultural goods: Due to high cost of the entertainment products, people encourage pirated products. Difficulty in access to legitimate works: Supply of lawful products in stores and libraries is often insufficient, particularly in developing countries. Considerable business profits for pirates: Pirates do not incur any of the costs related to the production of original cultural goods due to limited up-front investment needed for illegal reproduction and distribution.

Hence, the perspective of making huge and easy profits is another reason for the spread and persistence of piracy. Some facts about music industry: Music piracy is expanding in India and showing its footprints in a huge way.

Music piracy is creating nearly Rs. Recently there are new forms of music piracy created like mobile chip piracy, which is causing crores loss to the Indian music industry. Music piracy refers to three types of piracy activities: This is one kind of unauthorized copying of the sound as well as artwork, trademark, label and packaging of the original recording.Illegal downloading of music has negative consequences for the music industry, including fewer artist royalties, loss of jobs and tighter budgets that restrict many record companies from.

The two primary groups that police the downloading of music and movies are the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). These two groups constantly monitor downloads and websites for copyright violation.

Causes and effects of music downloading

Illegal downloading of music has negative consequences for the music industry, including fewer artist royalties, loss of jobs and tighter budgets that restrict many record companies from.

Music deals powerful, positive effects on the human body, reducing risks of heart diseases, cancers, enhancing the immune system, and reducing chronic stress. It also helps our brain function better by increasing its cognitive abilities, attention, memory, and concentration.

The Cause and Effects of Illegally Downloading Music The concept of downloading music has been around since the late s, around the time when we started seeing networking sites . How the Internet has Changed Music From early issues like illegal downloading and music sharing sites (like the now-defunct Napster) to current disputes over music streaming services and how much the artists/labels should be paid in royalties, the Internet still seems to be raising more questions than it is answering.

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Effects of Music: Free Cause and Effect Essay Samples and Examples