Building a people strategy nandos

Our main age bracket is withinboth male and female. One of our main goals is to reach the middle-income class, as the Nandos price range fills the niche between the fast-food and casual dining restaurant rates, though having the prices closer to a casual dining restaurant.

Building a people strategy nandos

Expanded really fast due to their franchises program. Popular brand with brand awareness and brand recognition in countries like South Africa, Australia and the UK.

Building a people strategy nandos

The famous Peri-Peri sauce which can be bought in bottle by customers. Low level of presence in small cities. Limited choice for vegetarians.

Limited options of chicken dishes.

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The possibility to innovate with additional items targeted to people with different preferences. Expansion opportunities worldwide to increase the market share especially in suburban cities. There are an important numbers of competitors that might threaten their expansion strategy.

The risk of bird flu such as Avian influenza that hit the world a few years ago. Although we categorize Nandos in the fast casual dining industry, it orients its strategy towards a relaxed restaurant atmosphere with a unique design in each new establishment.

The main course served includes chicken; however, the restaurant accentuates their products with the spices and the taste of their products. Customers have the option to choose between various types of spices, including their famous peri peri sauce. In terms of price, Nandos is quite affordable.

However, the price range differs within countries due to the different amount of disposable income and the labor cost along with raw materials in each country.

They offer set meals at more affordable prices in order to entice customers to spend less for more. Regarding their promotion strategy, Nandos uses a lot of online tools to position themselves in the digital sphere.

They also work hard in giving their customers a unique experience upon every visit.


In summary, they differentiate themselves from competitors by promoting brand identity. As it is mentioned in the history of the company, Nandos has expanded to 24 different countries since with a high concentration of outlets in the UK, Australia, Malaysia and South Africa.Max Mckeown (PHD, MBA, FRSA) is an author, consultant and popular speaker.

He shares cutting edge research with clients in the real world of major corporations. He is the author of several books including The Truth about Innovation, Adaptability and best-selling, award-winning The Strategy Book.

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Max has a PhD and MBA with a speciality in strategic change and an MSc in Psychology. The Lulaway Story. Lulaway was born when Jake Willis and Errol Freeman realized the need for young South Africans to cost effectively and efficiently access available job opportunities.

One of the best part about nandos is that it has options for vegetarian people are some varieties of options to choose from pastries and other desserts priced between £2 to £ service is very quick and wonderful.

Building a people strategy nandos

Building a People Strategy – Nando’s Organisation Founded in in Johannesburg, Nando’s is a casual dinning restaurant known for .

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“The kick that I get from people around the world, is that they can’t believe we [Nando’s] could be African. when expanding internationally, it was not possible to translate the same branding strategy to the rest of the world. Business needs a sense of purpose and for Nando’s this meant investing R80m into building a head office.

Nando’s ramps up marketing spend to fuel expansion drive - Marketing Week