Build a dog house

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Build a dog house

A-Frame Kennel

All measurements throughout this project are given in both standard ft and inches and metric mm. The imperial standard measurements are given first followed by the metric measurements in brackets.

Build a dog house

The doghouse stands 34" mm high, it is 32" mm wide, and 48" mm long. It will accommodate a reasonably large dog but is still suitable for smaller dogs. To view all the available woodworking and project plans in downloadable pdf file click here.

A bit about the framing lumber size If you use dressed smooth, surfaced, planed lumber for the frame, then the finished actual size of the wood width and thickness will be less than the size given above.

If you use dressed lumber you will need to make adjustments to the measurements given in the cutting list. Refer to note 2 on the next page for more information. Alternative wood sizes If 2" x 2" 50mm x 50mm stock is not available in your area, one option is to rip cut lengthwise 2" x 4" mm x 50mm stock in half.

The latter is very common. If 1" x 6" mm x 25mm boards are unobtainable, then use different size boards or even plywood. Treated wood and your dog Some dogs gnaw on wood and some treated woods contain preservatives that can be toxic. If you have such a dog then be careful of the type of wood that you use.

Some woods are naturally resistant to decay and do not need treatment. Your local lumber store will be able to advise you on the best types of wood to use.


When dried the paint would be non-toxic to dogs chewing, but any damage taking the paint system back to bare wood would eventually allow water and increase the danger that the lumber may eventually begin to rot.If I were ever to make dog houses for a living, I would likely tweak the dimensions of the house a little to further maximize the yield from the plywood panels.

Cutting T panels to size with circular saw. The trickiest part of the dog house was the roof. Because it was intended to be removable, it had to be fairly strong and rigid without.

Building a dog house or kennel for your best friend can be a really fun and informative project to take on, the aim of this site is to help you the reader, to learn how to build a dog house . When winter is coming, it is time to make sure your dog house is ready.

Our dogs are susceptible to winter's winds and cold just as we are. Solid cedar shingles add a unique charm to this beautiful dog house. The simple "cottage" style makes it easy to build, and the lift-off top makes it easy to keep clean.

If the house is too small, it will be uncomfortable and your dog won't want to stay in it. If the house is too large, it will be harder for your dog to retain body heat in order to stay comfy and warm.

Build a dog house

This step by step woodworking project is about extra large dog house plans you have a large dog and you want to build an appropriate outdoor shelter for it, then you should check out my free plans.

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