Best teacher i have ever had

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Best teacher i have ever had

She said her teacher placed tape over her mouth. Source 2The teacher who published an erotic book featuring some of her students An English teacher has been sacked after writing a racy novel which detailed her teenage pupils' sexual fantasies.

Leonora Rustamova was suspended from her post prompting mass demonstrations by pupils and a campaign by parents to have her reinstated. But after a disciplinary hearing, governors have now decided to sack the teacher. The story - Stop!

Although it is claimed to be all invention, it features five genuine teenage pupils at Calder High School in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire. It contains swearwords, has children skipping lessons, refers to a pupil flirting with a teacher and compares two youngsters to 'gorgeous Mr Gay UK finalists'.

The story names several teachers, including real headmaster Stephen Ball, and features pupils missing lessons, stealing phones and setting themselves on fire. One pupil is described as fantasizing and flirting with year-old Miss Rustamova, while she says she would do anything for a smile from another.

But school administrators and parents are hard pressed to find humour in a graphic lap dance caught on video between two teachers at a spirit rally at Churchill High School in Winnipeg.

The two teachers, one of whom was identified by students as phys-ed instructor Chrystie Fitchner, have been sent home without pay after the spirit dance before students as young as 13 years old.

The routine began with the female teacher, sporting pigtails, seated on a chair, her legs spread, hips gyrating. Bumping beats played in the background and the male teacher approached between her legs, his hips swiveling to the beat.

Less than five seconds into the routine, a Grade 9 student and her friends went from giggling to staring at their sometimes very strict instructors in disbelief. The female teacher threw her head back and thrust her one leg out as the male teacher continued to dance over her.

There was butt-slapping and further gyration. Then the man dipped his head down between her legs and simulated oral sex.

Best teacher i have ever had

That must have been an interesting class. Source 4The substitute teacher who told her pupils that there is no Santa A teacher has been banned from a primary school after telling children Father Christmas does not exist.

The female supply teacher told pupils at Blackshaw Lane Primary in Royton, Oldham, that it was parents, not Santa, who left their gifts on Christmas Day. Several parents complained to the head teacher, who has since accepted an apology from the teacher concerned.

But head Angela McCormick has since told the agency she does not want the teacher to work there again.On Friday (22/06/) Court Fields School welcomed some year 4 students from. Nov 14,  · Best Answer: I'm a teacher, and I've had quite a few bad ones.

Mind you, this was in the 80ss, in a typical Midwestern town! My third grade teacher would physically intimidate the children. He used to throw books, smash chalk, and tip over students' Resolved. You're the best teacher that I have ever had or that anyone could possibly hope to have.

If I were your teacher, you would get an A + for being simply amazing. As I reflect on my years at [ name of school ] and all the wonderful teachers I've had, there is one individual who really stands out in my mind.

Best teacher i have ever had

Dude I have an AP bio and a&p teacher who is honestly the best teacher I have ever had, too. She makes all labs enjoyable and understands how kids really learn and . Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. The best teacher I ever had was Mr. Tidyman in fifth grade. He was about seven feet tall (or seemed it) and had a comb over which he made fun of all the time and which would blow around in the wind, revealing his bald spot when he played war ball with us.

He had an excellent sense of humor, told us.

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