An introduction to the issue of violence in school systems

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Zimmerman 1 Domestic violence is a global issue reaching across national boundaries as well as socio-economic, cultural, racial and class distinctions. This problem is not only widely dispersed geographically, but its incidence is also extensive, making it a typical and accepted behavior.

An introduction to the issue of violence in school systems

By Tim Walker According to a recent article published by the American Psychological Association APA80 percent of teachers surveyed were victimized at school at least once in the current school year or prior year.

And yet, the issue is generally ignored or at least underreported by the media and given inadequate attention by scholars — a deficiency that has widespread implications for school safety, the teaching profession and student learning.

The APA article was based on a survey — one of the few national studies — conducted in that solicited anonymous responses from almost 3, K teachers in 48 states NEA assisted APA by distributing the survey to its members.

NEA Today recently spoke with Dr. What kinds of attacks are teachers facing?

Uniforms can prevent violence.

About half of the teachers who reported being victimized experienced harassment. Others reported property offenses, including theft and damage to property. And about one-quarter of these teachers experienced physical attacks. Harassment includes anything from obscene gestures, verbal threats and intimidation and obscene remarks.

With physical offenses, teachers widely reported objects being thrown at them and being physically attacked. The most severe and uncommon cases are physical attacks that result in a visit to the doctor.

In your work with the task force, what did you find out that might surprise people about violence against teachers? A big surprise was the general scarcity of research out there about the victimization of teachers in the workplace. Any comprehensive examination of school violence must include violence directed at teachers.

Focusing solely on student victimization to the exclusion of teacher victimization results in an inadequate representation of safety issues, which makes it more difficult to formulate effective solutions.

Students are not always the perpetuators. We heard about incidents of adult-on-adult incidents — including parents and colleagues.

An introduction to the issue of violence in school systems

What we found is that a physical attack was more likely to come from a parent as opposed to a student. It could be a number of factors. A student who harasses or threatens might come from a family who is inclined to victimize the teacher in some way as well.

It could be something about the teacher. Maybe he or she is not adequately supported by the administration and puts them at risk for other episodes. What are the costs to the school or community?

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The big issue is teacher attrition. Other costs include lost wages, lost instructional time, potenial negative publicity for the school, and a negative impact on student learning.

Teacher cannot perform their job effectively if they feel threatened.

Violence within this country has been an ongoing problem throughout history. Due to all the media coverage of more recent violent events in school history, such as Columbine, it is of popular belief that violence in school systems is the worst it has ever been. Physical or sexual violence is a public health problem that affects more than one third of all women globally, according to a new report released by WHO in partnership with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the South African Medical Research Council. School violence encompasses physical violence, including student-on-student fighting and corporal punishment; psychological violence, The implementation of school-wide early-warning systems, the school equivalent of a DEW Line-like surveillance operation designed to "prevent the worst cases of school violence," has been problematic.

How much of an impact can this make when so many other outside factors contribute to the problem? So it starts with pre-service education. This is a priority in special ed, where teachers are really taught how to deescalate conflict.

So one of the top recommendations we make in the report is urging teacher preparation programs to provide the next generation of teachers with a better skill-set that can at least help manage conflicts before they escalate.

I also take a sociological perspective to studying the issue. What are the demographics of the school? What resources are available at the school?

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What neighborhood is the school situated in? We know about the connection between positive school climate and lack of aggressive or violent behavior.

The research is very clear on that connection. Really strong leadership by the administration is needed to create a positive learning climate. How well does the administration connect with the teachers, how well do they know the student?

The entire ecology of the school and the community has to be taken into account. So major shifts have to occur in our priorities for education funding. This is why we need to study this issue more, raise greater awareness, and help move the conversation forward.Children who grow up with domestic violence may have impaired ability to concentrate; difficulty completing school work; and lower scores on measures of verbal, motor, and social skills.

In addition to these physical, behavioral, psychological, and cognitive effects, children who have been exposed to domestic violence often learn destructive.

Although the school systems are quite calm, there is an occasional fight or argument. I believe that there are ways I can contribute to the fight against this violence in my school and I am ready to begin trying.

Early Childhood Abuse and Neglect 5 shows that aggression in boys is shown through physical aggression, or violence, whereas the aggression exhibited in girls is relational.

Introduction 5 In schools specifically, one of the four key judgements that Dealing with gang or youth violence issues in an area is a shared responsibility for the community and partner agencies. Schools • manage an ‘alert’ system on local problems that may.

Another common form of sexism is violence, especially violence toward women and trans people. In , women were the victims of over , violent crimes and . Mar 16,  · The recent school shooting rampage in Ohio has once again focused national attention on the issue of student violence. But experts say such high-profile incidents overshadow an .

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