An analysis of the purpose of illustrating the events surrounding the end of the war of epic proport

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An analysis of the purpose of illustrating the events surrounding the end of the war of epic proport

Please contact mpub-help umich. Cooper, We Have the War upon Us: University of North Carolina Press, After many years of comparative neglect the origins of the Civil War now are central to the concerns of American historians.

A consensus on the matter remains, however, as elusive as ever.

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And although new understanding has been gained, to some extent the old controversies persist. These are issues about which Americans have disagreed for generations. Indeed the controversies go back to the Civil War itself, when on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line there could be found ardent advocates of compromise as well as those who insisted that compromise was futile and fruitless.

He covers a wider geographical canvas, however, since he treats northerners as well as southerners. Although Cooper provides a highly readable narrative of the momentous events that he treats, his work is heavily flawed by the assumptions that underlie it. The villains, then, one might assume, are those who reject compromise.

As we shall see, however, this is only partly true. Moreover, he is not even-handed. It turns out that a large portion of the Republican Party, with President Lincoln at their head, are indeed among the guilty for squandering opportunities for compromise.

He thus offers a highly tendentious interpretation of the events of the secession winter. It is obvious that the Civil War represented a gigantic sacrifice in terms of lives, of human suffering, of social dislocation and economic destruction.

An analysis of the purpose of illustrating the events surrounding the end of the war of epic proport

Was it worth it? Was the single largest consequence of the war, the freeing of four million slaves in the s, together with the innumerable millions who were spared enslavement in later decades, worth the price that was paid?

We do not know how long slavery would have lasted had the Civil War not erupted. Even if we did know, how would we weigh the appalling suffering of millions of African American men and women against the deaths of perhaps three quarters of a million, mostly white American males?

These are difficult questions. At one time, a large number of historians believed they knew the answer. Phillips that African Americans were racially and biologically suited to slavery.

The Phillips approach has now thankfully disappeared from mainstream historical writing. But the agnosticism about the value of the war that should have resulted from its disappearance has not yet, it appears, triumphed.

Even the terms used to describe them are loaded. So much for fidelity to campaign promises. At the start of his book Cooper emphasizes the importance of seeing events through the eyes of their participants.

But as far as the Republicans are concerned, he fails utterly to achieve this goal. Frequently he finds them emphasizing the need to maintain their party. He notes, quite correctly, that this motive was partly responsible for the refusal to depart from the Chicago platform.Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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Explain the events surrounding the California Gold Rush, and analyze its effect on westward expansion. End of the War. The Lesson - The title of the story was provocative because I was interested to find out what lesson the writer would try to convey. After reading the first paragraph I was sure that the message would have to be a learning experience or rather one dealing with the impartialities of the upper and lower class.

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