An analysis of the factors for the organization motivation

Hence a set of factors and factor loadings is unique only up to an orthogonal transformation. Example[ edit ] Suppose a psychologist has the hypothesis that there are two kinds of intelligence"verbal intelligence" and "mathematical intelligence", neither of which is directly observed. Evidence for the hypothesis is sought in the examination scores from each of 10 different academic fields of students.

An analysis of the factors for the organization motivation

According to Herzberg, there are some job factors that result in satisfaction while there are other job factors that prevent dissatisfaction. These do not lead to positive satisfaction for long-term.

These factors are extrinsic to work.

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Hygiene factors are also called as dissatisfiers or maintenance factors as they are required to avoid dissatisfaction. The hygiene factors symbolized the physiological needs which the individuals wanted and expected to be fulfilled.

Pay - The pay or salary structure should be appropriate and reasonable. It must be equal and competitive to those in the same industry in the same domain. Company Policies and administrative policies - The company policies should not be too rigid. They should be fair and clear.

It should include flexible working hours, dress code, breaks, vacation, etc. Fringe benefits - The employees should be offered health care plans mediclaimbenefits for the family members, employee help programmes, etc.

Physical Working conditions - The working conditions should be safe, clean and hygienic. The work equipments should be updated and well-maintained. Interpersonal relations - The relationship of the employees with his peers, superiors and subordinates should be appropriate and acceptable.

There should be no conflict or humiliation element present.


Job Security - The organization must provide job security to the employees. Motivational factors- According to Herzberg, the hygiene factors cannot be regarded as motivators. The motivational factors yield positive satisfaction.

These factors are inherent to work. These factors motivate the employees for a superior performance. These factors are called satisfiers. These are factors involved in performing the job.

Employees find these factors intrinsically rewarding. The motivators symbolized the psychological needs that were perceived as an additional benefit. Recognition - The employees should be praised and recognized for their accomplishments by the managers.

Sense of achievement - The employees must have a sense of achievement. This depends on the job. There must be a fruit of some sort in the job.Nov 20,  · Importance of motivational factor in organization.

In context to this Ford () stated, motivational factor help in improving the performance level of employees. It also helps in improving the productivity and profitability range of Coles/5(14K).


An analysis of the factors for the organization motivation

The HFACS taxonomy describes four levels within Reason's model and are described below. Level 1: Unsafe Acts. The Unsafe Acts level is divided into two categories – errors and violations – and these two . Approach-A model was designed based on the literature, linking factors of employee motivation with employee motivation and organizational effectiveness.

Three hypotheses were build based on the literature and the model and were tested in perspective of the previous studies and literature. The Motivation to Work [Frederick Herzberg, Bernard Mausner, Barbara Bloch Snyderman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Quality work that fosters job satisfaction and health enjoys top priority in industry all over the world. This was not always so. Until recently analysis of job attitudes focused primarily on human . Definition 1: motivation is the following of factors or a position which compel an individual to carry out specific actions in an organization.

Definition 2: by assumptions, motivation usually means that thing which makes energy and leads it to stable. An Examination of the Factors that Influence Motivation in the Workplace during a Recession Ireland, the factors that lead to motivation in the workplace will be examined.

The followed by an analysis of the need for these theories. Following this.

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