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Introduction Stress granules SGs are dynamic assemblies of stalled 48S preinitiation complexes, triggered by stresses causing polysome disassembly Anderson and Kedersha,; Buchan and Parker, ; Erickson and Lykke-Andersen, Alternatively, drugs targeting eIF4A, the DEAD-box helicase that allows the 48S preinitiation complex to reach the start codon, similarly trigger SG formation by inhibiting translation initiation Bordeleau et al.

Other proteins and posttranslational modifications of proteins acting downstream of translational arrest are required for SG assembly, including O-GlcNAc modification of ribosomal subunits Ohn et al.

In all cases, agents that stabilize polysomes prevent or reverse SG assembly, highlighting the dynamic relationship between SGs and polysomes Kedersha et al.

SGs are dynamic entities that are transitional and temporary. Their formation is regulated by two related parameters: Overexpression of some SG proteins nucleate SGs in the absence of stress or drugs Kedersha and Anderson, and may provide mechanistic insights into various neurological pathologies associated with aggregation of SG proteins Vanderweyde et al.

Recent in vitro studies with selected RNPs suggest that RNA granules adopt a spectrum of different structural states including more solid-like phases such as hydrogels Han et al.

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The relative contributions of protein—protein interactions and protein—RNA interactions in RNA granules and pathological aggregates are areas of active research.

We propose a model in which G3BP shuttles between two states, possibly reflecting conformational changes, to mediate SG condensation.

Acc00145 sg e06 web pdf

S1which could contribute to SG assembly.Minuteman UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies - provides a comprehensive standard and extended runtime UPS product line, power protection and Battery Back-up solutions for Desktops, networks, telecommunications equipment, and POS systems.

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Acc00145 sg e06 web pdf

Search for answers to common technical support questions regarding FARO 3D measurement technology. Health services research (HSR) seeks to shed light on healthcare as a system, focusing on the cost of, the quality of and access to health services. We introduce a novel discriminative model for phrase-based monolingual alignment using a semi-Markov CRF.

Our model achieves state-of-the-art alignment accuracy on two phrase=based alignment datasets (RTE and paraphrase), while doing significantly better than other strong baselines in both non-identical alignment and phrase-only alignment.

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